Which is Better: Mutual Funds or CDs?

When not taking on credit risk in a bond investment, which is better: individual Treasury bonds, FDIC-insured CDs or a mutual fund?

A Second Quarter Review of 2019 “Sure Things”

At the start of 2019, I compiled a list of predictions that so-called financial gurus had made for the upcoming year for a consensus on the year’s...

SEC Chairman Clayton Misunderstands His Critics

On July 9, for the first time, SEC Chairman Clayton defended Reg BI. Yet, instead of explaining in plain language the meaning of the rulemaking and how...

Five Key Insights from Decades of Experience

I will share some general thoughts and observations about things I see, teach and understand about the challenges financial advisors face. Here are five themes to consider.

Creating a Cohesive Content Marketing Strategy

Recognize everything a successful content marketing plan requires. That way, you can get started and improve your efforts along the way.

The Surprising Key to a Long, Happy Life

I want to share an impressive study on happiness. The ramifications of its findings are profound.

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