A Reflection on the Nature of Financial Planning

In my career as a financial advisor, I have struggled with how people view our profession. The way some have commoditized such a complex idea belies the...

Is It Okay to Display My Success?

Clients have started commenting on the connection between my new, expensive car (which I am excited about) and their fees.

An Unexpected Way to Generate Leads

As a financial advisor turned digital-marketing consultant, I know how hard it is to get leads and new clients. That is why you’ll be surprised at this...

Charisma Does Not Make You a Good Advisor

An article in the New York Times guided those who want to be charismatic. It’s an interesting subject, but the goal is wrong. Here’s why.

Three ways investing is like baseball

Both endeavors are driven by statistical analysis. Explore three different ways that managers can build their ‘teams.’

The Size Premium is Alive and Well

Is the lack of a size premium due to the performance of small-growth stocks in general? Or is it due to penny stocks, IPOs, stocks in financial...

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