How to use your Dog, Cat or Other Pet as a Marketing Strategy

I’m not currently a dog owner or an advisor anymore; but if I were, my dog would absolutely be a prominent component of my marketing strategy.

Why the CFP Board Should Not Govern the Financial Planning Profession

The CFP Board wants its credentials to be a mandatory requirement for all advisers who hold themselves out as financial planners. If its lobbying efforts to this...

Google’s Hidden Gems

Google dominates our on-line personal lives. If you are not utilizing it in your financial advisory firm as well, you are missing out. While there is a...

Your Understanding of Risk is Misguided

Your approach to risk in running your advisory business is at odds with reality.

I’m Worried about My Own Retirement

We are managing money well for our clients; I’m not worried about our performance, but I am worried about my own retirement and holdings.

Four Things I Wish I Knew About Being an Expectant Mother and an Advisor

Bearing and raising children can set you back or it can be the catalyst for better performance and higher earnings. Ever since having kids I’ve become more...

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