What the CFP Board Needs To Do From Here

I’m not sure the CFP Board’s response to the Wall Street Journal’s expose has been as terrible as the emotions we're all feeling regarding its embarrassing article.

Why Are Baby Boomer Wealth Transfers Failing?

Each year, high-net-worth families spend huge sums preparing their assets for transition to their heirs. Why do the majority of those plans fail?

Was the Uber IPO a Success?

The more “exciting” an IPO’s first-day moves, the less the company has to celebrate.

The Messy Business of Growth by Acquisition

Before you rush out to search for retiring financial advisers whose practices you can purchase, understand that acquiring another firm will create more problems than it solves.

The Best Advisor Front-Office Technology

The high-level goal of marketing automation is to deliver the right content, to the right contact, at the right time, through the right media.

The Inequity of a Federal Minimum Wage

A national fixed minimum wage poses a gross inequity when adjusted by local cost-of-living expenses and taxes.

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